Types of industries

What is Industry? The industry is understood as a series of activities and processes whose objective is to obtain products made from the transformation of raw materials. There are4 types of industry, These are primary industry, secondary industry, tertiary industry, and quaternary industry. What are the main Types of industry? According to the number of […]

Types of Check

What is check? A check is called those payment instruments that allow a person to tell the bank to pay a third party a certain amount of money. In this way, a person can withdraw money from the bank authorized by another who should not be present at the time. Common types of check are […]

Types of Budget

What is budget? Budget is a financial plan for a defined period, mostly one year. It also includes planned sales volumes and revenues, resource quantities, expenses and costs, assets, cash flows, and liabilities. Companies, governments, families and other organizations use it to show strategic plans of activities in measurable terms. There are 4 common types of budget: incremental budget, activity-based […]

Types of credits

What is credit? Credit is the trust that allows one party to provide money to another party wherein the second party does not refund the first party immediately but promises either to return those resources at a later date. There are basically two types of credit, Trade credit, and consumer credit. Some other types are […]


What is financing? The financing is the act by which an organization gives money. The acquisition of goods or services is essential when undertaking an economic activity, so financing is an unavoidable step when considering an undertaking of any kind. There are two main types of finance, equity finance, and debt finance. It is even […]


What is import? It is known as importing the transaction to purchase goods from other countries, while that is registered and is liable to taxation under applicable legislation in the country of the buyer. Therefore, international traffic of prohibited products, or those that secretly enter evading the treasury, are left out of this definition. For the selling country, these […]

Types of Expenses

What are the Different Types of expenses? An expense is an outlay of money that is invested or occupied in a certain matter, particularly in the consumption of goods or services. Some common types of expenses recognized in the financial statements are Salaries and wages, Utility expenses, Cost of goods sold, Administration expenses, Finance costs, Depreciation, Impairment losses. […]

Types of business

The word business comes from the Latin negotium, which means ” what is not leisure .” Although this word has multiple uses, one of them is to refer to all those occupations, chores or jobs that are done for profit. Major types of business are: Service Business Merchandising Businesses Manufacturing Businesses Hybrid Businesses Sole Proprietorship businesses Partnership business Corporation business Limited […]


What are Different Types of Clients? The Gabbo Clients The Lumbergh Clients The Flatterbut Clients The Jessie Spano Clients The BTJ Clients The DEFCON 1 Clients The H8tr Clients The T-800 Clients A customer is that organization, company or person who, from a payment, accesses a desired good or service. These can be classified in multiple ways, one way to do it is as follows: […]