Difference between Direct breathing and indirect breathing

Differences between Direct and Indirect Breathing
Differences between Direct and Indirect Breathing

The Difference between Direct and Indirect Breathing is given here.

Direct breathing is one through which oxygen enters the cells through diffusion, while indirect breathing is one where structures are required to transport gases to the cells of the body.

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What is Direct breathing?

It occurs by diffusion because in the external environment the concentration of oxygen is always higher than in the internal environment. It is a type of simple respiration that we can find in organisms such as poriferous, coelenterate, bacteria, flatworms, and nematodes. It is also a process that usually occurs between the cells of a complex organism.

In the case of humans, this diffusion occurs in the lungs, and in the case of simple organisms, it occurs on the surface of their bodies.

Despite the fact that specialized organisms have a great variety of cells with different functions, one structure is common to all cells: the cell membrane or plasma membrane.

Cells have a membrane made up of two sheets of phospholipids and proteins that control what passes through them. This membrane is semi-permeable, so it allows small molecules to pass through it always following the diffusion mechanisms, that is, they move from an area of ​​higher concentration to one of lower concentration. These processes are what allow oxygen molecules to cross the plasma membrane.

What is Indirect breathing?

It is that type of respiration that requires mechanisms that transport gases to the cells of the multicellular organism. It occurs when oxygen is incorporated into the body through structures that make up the respiratory system of each body in order to carry out the gas exchange.

For example, in insects, it occurs through tracheae, in fish through gills, and in other organisms through the lungs.

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Direct breathing vs Indirect Breathing

Difference between Direct and Indirect Breathing in points

  • Direct respiration is that which occurs between the environment and the cells of the body without the intervention of a respiratory organ. The gas enters by simple diffusion.
  • Indirect respiration is the process through which mechanisms are required to carry gases into cells in order to carry out the gas exchange.

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