Hypothesis and Theory

Difference between Hypothesis and Theory
Difference between Hypothesis and Theory

The Difference between Hypothesis and Theory is given here. Hypothesis and theory are two very different scientific terms. A hypothesis is assumption theories are a set of hypotheses that allow predicting the behavior of an already established system or that you want to study.

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The hypothesis comes from the Latin hypothĕsis. It is an assumption of something that is possible or impossible. It is an idea that may or may not be true based on previous information or research.

Scientific hypotheses are an acceptable proposition that is formulated through the collection of information and data that, although not confirmed, serve to solve a scientific problem.

Hypotheses may be a tentative proposition that is not intended to be proven or it may be a prediction that can be verified. The level of veracity that is given to the hypothesis will depend on the veracity of the empirical data that have been used to affirm the hypothesis.

To make a hypothesis you must:

  • Gather information.
  • Compare information.
  • Give possible explanations.
  • Select the most likely explanation.
  • Formulate the hypothesis.


The term theory comes from Greek theōría. It is a logical and deductive system that is made up of a set of hypotheses, a field where it can be applied, and rules that allow understanding the consequences of hypostasis on theory.

A theory can be applied to various fields of knowledge or field of application.

The theory is the origin of knowledge.

A theory allows making predictions or inferences about a real system where it is applied.

Science is made up of a succession of theories, these can be proven true or false and can be replaced or expanded.

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Difference between Hypothesis and Theory

  • A hypothesis is a set of assumptions that are built on the basis of knowledge that you want to prove or disprove.
  • Theories are a set of hypotheses that may or may not be confirmed

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