Silver Price Approaches Target: Technical Analysis

The price of silver experienced a downward trend yesterday, nearing our anticipated target of 22.25. However, the market saw a bullish rebound, driving the price towards a potential test of the key resistance level at 23.00.

Price Action

  • The EMA50 (Exponential Moving Average) aligns with the 23.00 resistance, adding further strength to this level.
  • The stochastic indicator indicates a loss of positive momentum, signaling overbought conditions in the market.


Given these factors, we maintain a bearish outlook for the near future. A break below 22.25 would likely extend the bearish momentum, targeting levels around 21.75 and 21.35. Conversely, a breakthrough above 23.00 would indicate a shift in sentiment, potentially triggering a bullish wave towards 23.40 and 23.70.

Short-term Outlook

  • Bearish Bias: The current indicators support a bearish sentiment, with the market potentially favoring a continued downward movement.
  • Key Levels: Watch for the crucial levels of 22.25 and 23.00, as they will likely determine the short-term direction of silver prices.

Technical Indicators

  • EMA50 Resistance: The EMA50’s alignment with the 23.00 resistance suggests a significant barrier for upward movement.
  • Stochastic Signals: The stochastic indicator’s overbought signals indicate a potential reversal in the near term.

Potential Scenarios

  1. Bearish Scenario: If the price breaks below 22.25, it could pave the way for further declines towards 21.75 and 21.35.
  2. Bullish Scenario: A decisive break above 23.00 could signal a shift in momentum, targeting levels of 23.40 and 23.70.


In conclusion, the silver market is currently poised at a critical juncture, with the price approaching key levels. The interplay between technical indicators and price action suggests a cautious outlook, with the potential for both bearish and bullish scenarios. Traders should closely monitor the price movements around 22.25 and 23.00 for signals of the market’s next direction.

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