A Career Guide to Getting a Job in Business Administration

There are lots of benefits to obtaining a bachelor’s in business administration degree. For starters, this degree gives you a solid baseline of knowledge on how to run organizations, companies, and businesses effectively. These skills can be a great asset to showcase when looking for employment. When you’re armed with this information, you’ll be prepared to work in a wide variety of workplaces and business administration careers, and these positions can be quite lucrative, too.

Take administration services and facilities management, for example. The median yearly salary in this field was about $98,890 as of 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And, the job growth in this particular field is above-average, too. According to the BLS, the job growth for administrative services and facilities managers is expected to increase by about 6% from 2019 to 2029.
You aren’t limited to jobs in administrative services or facilities management with this degree, either. There are plenty of career options you can pursue in business administration once you’ve earned your bachelor’s degree in this field — and plenty of places to find employment in business administration.

What is a Degree in Business Administration?

Business administration programs are designed to train you in the basic practices of business. A business administration degree program will teach you the ins and out of running a business, as well as how to keep organizations running smoothly and effectively and the principles that make a manager successful. These skills are extremely necessary to prepare you for employment in a wide variety of business settings.

Courses related to this degree will typically cover all aspects of working in and managing a business environment. For example, you may be required to take courses in accounting, economics, finance, management, statistics, and marketing. That said, some business administration programs will take a particular focus on an aspect of business rather than taking a wider approach. In that case, the program may hone in on factors like the ethical, multinational, or leadership sides of business.
Many programs will also include a capstone or internship requirement that has to be completed during your final semesters of school. This is to make sure you are graduating with real world experience applying what you learn in the courses.

What Does Someone with a Degree in Business Administration Do?

What can you do with a business administration degree? According to the BLS, most business administration jobs will require you to be able to  direct, plan, and coordinate activities that help an organization run at optimal levels.
While the actual job duties you’re required to fulfill will depend on the type of job you take and the role you play with the company, in general, business administrators may be responsible for:

  • Supervising office staff
  • Monitoring and setting deadlines or goals
  • Handling important business records
  • Looking at policies and procedures and suggesting changes that can help the company run more efficiently
  • Keeping an eye on the facilities to make sure they are running safely and properly
  • Ensuring that the company complies with state and federal regulations
  • Overseeing repair of mechanical equipment
  • It’s important to remember, though, that these are some of the duties that are common in business administration careers. Duties can change based on what type of business you are working in, what your job title is, or how the company is organized.

For example, a manager working in a factory setting might oversee machinery repairs more closely than a manager working in a marketing office.

What are the Different Types of Business Degrees You Can Pursue?

Business degrees come with a wide range of titles, but the common thread is that all business degrees teach you how to run a business effectively. Not all colleges or universities offer every degree program, and some use different names for similar majors.
For example, a business administration major may be called a business management degree at some colleges or universities. And, some degree programs will offer specialized business degree concentrations, which focus on certain areas of business, like marketing, finance, human resources, project management, healthcare management, economics, or accounting degrees.
When searching for schools, start by looking at the business majors offered and the options for specialized concentrations or degree tracks. Once you have an idea of what is offered, you can choose the major that most closely fits your goals for your business administration career.
If you want to work in business administration, choose the major with as close to a focus on administration duties as possible. Look at the degree’s focus and the types of courses you’d be taking to help determine whether the program is going to offer the type of education and skills training you’re looking for.

How to Go Into Business Administration

The requirements to work in a business administration job will depend heavily on the type of job you’re pursuing, the job duties, and the company you are applying to. That said, a couple of the more common requirements necessary to go into the field of business administration are a bachelor’s degree and related work experience, according to the BLS.

In order to meet the work experience requirement, you will usually need to have some experience in roles that required you to have leadership and managerial duties. In many cases, a strong internship can substitute for lengthy work experience, especially as a new grad.
Some jobs may also require you to have specific experience. For instance, a facilities manager might be required to have experience in building maintenance, business operations, or project management. If you want to be competitive as a job candidate with the appropriate background experience, it’s important to consider a degree program that includes experience requirements, like completing an internship or a work-study course.
Some business administration professionals may opt to get an MBA to make themselves more competitive in the field and widen the range of management duties and roles they are qualified for. A master’s in business administration can help set you apart from the competition during hiring, so if you’re interested in pursuing a graduate degree, this type of degree may be worth pursuing.

Where Can I Work with a Degree in Business Administration?

The short answer: almost anywhere. The beauty of a business administration degree is that it allows you to be something of a generalist in business, so any company, nonprofit, or business that needs an employee with managerial skills and business acumen may be a good fit for employment. Almost all businesses need administrators to keep operations running smoothly.
According to the BLS, graduates with business administration degrees might find opportunities for employment in:

  • Healthcare and social assistance
  • Educational services
  • Scientific and technical services
  • Finance and insurance

Business Administration Salaries

The salary you earn in this field will depend heavily on your experience, education level, place of employment, job duties, and other factors. That said, business administration can be a lucrative field to pursue in many cases. Some of the common job business administration positions and the average salaries include:

While the business administration salaries above vary vastly depending on the position, all of these roles earn a higher-than-average wage. That above-average earning potential is true across much of the business administration field.

Who Should Study Business Administration?

Business administration careers combine soft skills, like knowing how to work with people, with analytical skills, like organizing business operations for companies large and small. People who enjoy working with others but are also able to work autonomously and are comfortable with managing employees may want to consider this career. Those who like organizing processes, keeping operations on track, and managing finances may find this career the most rewarding.
Another large draw of a business administration degree is the high potential for a strong return on investment. Business administrators are in demand across nearly all fields and working environments, and they also tend to be paid higher wages. If you’re looking for a degree with a high earning potential and offers you a wide range of employment options, business administration can be a solid option.

Where Can You Earn a Degree in Business Administration?

Business administration is a popular and in-demand degree option, which means you can find a degree program in this field at most major universities. These programs are commonly offered as traditional four year bachelor’s degrees in business administration. In many cases, these degrees are offered both online and in-person, which means you have the option to attend class on campus or remotely.
You may also be able to find associate’s in business administration programs at community colleges in your area or online. If you’ve already earned a bachelor’s degree in this or a related field, you may opt to pursue a master’s in business administration to further your employment and earning potential.

Can You Earn a Degree in Business Administration Online?

You can find many options for earning a business administration degree online. As mentioned, these degree programs are available for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and may also be available for associate’s degrees as well, though it will depend on the type of college you choose.
Community colleges primarily offer associate’s degree programs, while colleges or universities offer full four-year or graduate degrees. Some programs will offer accelerated tracks to allow you to expedite the process of earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in this field. There are also doctoral degrees available in business administration from many universities.

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