Difference between Fats and Oils

Difference between fats and oils
Fats Vs Oils

Both fats and oils are present in our diet. Although they may seem similar, there is some aspect that determines the difference between fat and oil. Fats are a compendium of necessary matter that forms an adipose layer composed of adipocytes. They are distributed as loose and store energy in the form of fat or lipids. All human beings and animals have adipose tissue just after the skin. It is present in the bone marrow, the breast tissues, and also in internal organs.

The oils, of course, can also be consumed. Most of the oils are for edible use. They are used to fry certain foods, to season or accompany some preparations. The main difference between fats and oils is their origin, which we will explain below.

Difference Between Fats and Oils

Fats are of animal origin. The main sources are milk, pork, bacon, and all its derivatives. For example, we have lard, butter, or margarine. These foods fulfill an important factor in feeding. They help the adipose layer or adipose tissue of the body to store more fat. This is the one that protects other organs very close to the skin layer closest to the outside.

Foods that contain fats or oils should be eaten in moderation. According to the food diamond, fats, oils, and lard of animal origin should be consumed in small amounts. A heavy intake of this could cause damage such as fatty liver, cholesterol, and disproportionate weight gain. It can even be the cause of serious diseases such as cardiac arrest, being overweight, and even diabetes.

The difference between fat and oil is the vegetable origin of the latter. It is found in many foods or vegetables such as tuna, cod, corn, sunflower, peanuts, coconut, and almonds. It is not in a solid state, unlike fats, they can be found in that state.

Temperature is another difference between fat and oil. When the fat is hot, it becomes workable and turns into a liquid state, but when it cools down it solidifies again. Oils, on the other hand, will always be in a liquid state. This is despite the fact that the oil level at room temperature is less smooth than when it is hot.

Main foods where to find fats and oils

Milk is the main source of animal fat. From it you can get cheese, cream, custard, butter, lard, and margarine. All cattle and bovine animals also produce fat. As an example, we have the fat of beef, goat, goat, and sheep, among other animals. The pig is an excellent producer of lard. The same one is used to fry food, season, fry, and even spread on some surfaces.

In the case of oils, they can also have some monounsaturated or polyunsaturated acids. All of them are important to the body because they work to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. They can be found in both animals and plants. In the case of animals, those where we find beneficial fatty acids for the body (omega 3, omega 6) are those from the aquatic environment.

Olive oil is a highly valued oil and much more expensive. Perhaps because it is somewhat complex to process. It is obtained from the olive tree or olive. Corn and sunflower oils are the most common for frying foods and in some cases for seasoning. Almond and coconut oils are used in cosmetics and peanut oil to flavor foods.

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