Atomic Physics

Atomic PhysicsAtomic Physics is the study of structure and properties of atoms in scientific way.In this page you are going to learn about Atomic Physics Applications in daily life.
This also includes a lots of:

  • Atomic Physics Formulas
  • Atomic Physics Examples in real life
  • Topics
  • Applications
  • And lots more

So If you want to get Great knowledge, then you’ll Love this page.
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Atomic Physics course

  • Atomic models
    • Dalton’s Model and Thomson Model
    • Rutherford’s alpha Scatering
    • Rutherford’s Planetary Model of The Atom
    • The Bohr’s Model of the Atom
    • The Postulates of Bohr model
  • Electrical Discharges
    • Discovery of Cathode Rays
    • CRT Glow
    • Properties of cathode rays
  • Atomic Spectra
    • Quantum Numbers
    • Vector model
    • Zeeman Effect
    • Emission of Spectrum
    • Absorption of Spectrum
    • Pauli Exclusion Principle
  • X – Rays
    • Plasma Physics
    • Positive rays and its properties
    • How X-rays are Produced?
    • Properties of X-rays
    • Uses of X-rays
    • Characteristics of x-rays
    • Brag Equation
    • Atomic X-Ray Spectra of elements
    • Moseley’s Law
    • Cosmic rays
  • Laser
    • What is laser? How does laser work?
    • Properties of laser
    • Types of Laser
    • Uses of Laser in daily life
    • He Ne Laser


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