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10 Technological skills that will be the most in demand in (2021)

Making use of technology is no longer just another skill, it is an imperative and universal need. Some people may be more comfortable with technology than others, and that could depend on their profession. However, all today’s professionals must have a degree of relevant technological knowledge. For some of you, the basic skills that will be on this list may already come naturally to you, and that is what is expected, but it is worth emphasizing these basic skills.
But if you still feel insecure when it comes to technology in your work, then pay attention to the following and perhaps you will identify what you need to work on.

1. Blockchain

It is a skill that has gained a lot of strength this year thanks to the fact that its system, based on mathematical operations, allows you to record transactions or purchase and sale operations with total security. Companies that request professionals with this knowledge can work in different areas: technological, financial, security, retail, food, health, and travel.

2. Cloud computing or cloud computing

It is also known as cloud computing and is a delivery method that offers services in the cloud (the Internet network). As all information and processes are hosted and developed in the cloud, cloud computing works regardless of the storage capacity of a computer or smartphone. This can be useful to optimize processes and make them more user-friendly and practical. An example is the selection processes carried out by human resources departments through cloud platforms, where the candidate only has to enter the link to be evaluated.

3. Analytical reasoning

This, coupled with data analysis, has become one of the skills valued by anyone who requires professionals who know how to interpret data and use their analytical thinking to make sound decisions. In general, they are thoughtful people, they tend to analyze information before making a decision and have mastery in problem-solving.

4. UX Design

With your domain, you can create clear web pages that allow easy purchases or information tracking. All actions within the website should be implemented with the aim of making life easier for the client and that he can carry out his operation without a problem.

5. Business analysis

Businesses are not only looking for their projects to work but for them to be the best. An expert in business analysis is the bridge between the interested groups, direct or indirect, in which the company carries out successful projects. Its main role is to study the operation of companies to recommend decisions or solutions, in order for them to achieve their objectives.

6. Affiliate MarketingTechnological skills

Beyond being profitable and providing income to the main players (the producer and the affiliate), it manages to connect a brand with a target audience based on the experiences of influencers. That is, it is not only a matter of promoting and selling products on a website or social networks, therefore, but human resources departments have also begun to highlight this hard skill in their calls.

7. Agile

Companies have understood that bureaucracy and linear processes can negatively affect the development of a new project. As an alternative to this, agile is a methodology for changing the mindset, useful for managing projects in a fast, flexible, productive, and quality way. This method proposes that the members of teamwork on a project in several parts and separately, with the aim of not focusing on a single task and avoiding dispersion.

8. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines to perform tasks “intelligently”. Machine learning is an AI application that enables computers to use all available data to make a decision or execute a task more efficiently. In this area of technology, there is a great lack of trained personnel, which makes it more difficult to find technology leaders who can manage AI teams that create more value in the organization.

9. Cybersecurity

With the adoption of remote working, the cases of cyber attacks that seek to steal customer information collected by companies have increased, a situation that is very costly. This is largely driven by the exposure of identity information through cloud computing services. For this reason, cyberattacks can compromise the integrity of the data and generate distrust in an organization or government, which makes it necessary for there to be an area dedicated to preventing these attacks and ensuring the security of the information.

10. Web programming

Web programming allows the structure of an app or web page to be optimal to ensure that the user has good navigation. This hard skill will be very important because it allows us to ensure the quality of the web and detect errors, with which companies can improve their online presence and attract new customers. It would be useless to have the best products or services if the web does not work correctly to communicate that value proposition. The world of work has taken a 360 ° turn thanks to technology. Therefore, with these 10 skills related to digital transformation, you will have a better-prepared start to the year to face the world of work in 2021.

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