Difference between Tissue and Organ

Difference between tissue and organ


The Difference between Tissues and Organs is given here. Tissues and organs are closely related. A tissue is a biological material made up of cells of various types with coordinated behavior, while an organ is a grouping of tissues. keep reading…

What is Tissue?

For biology, tissues are natural biological materials made up of a complex and organized group of cells that can be, of one type or several, distributed in a regular way, with a coordinated physiological behavior and whose embryonic origin is common. Only two kingdoms have developed the ability to generate tissues: vascular plants and animals. In these groups the tissues are homologous, but they present differences, and the studies and their description are independent.

The discipline in charge of the study of organic tissues is histology. Tissues can be composed of cells of a single type or several types of organized cells. Tissues can be specialized at the functional and structural levels. The cells that make up a tissue are specialized following complex processes giving rise to various types of tissues: Types of animal tissues:

  • Epithelial tissue
  • Connective tissue
  • Muscle tissue
  • Nervous tissue

Types of plant tissues: Growth tissue or meristematic tissues.

  • Protective tissue or integument.
  • Bra fabric.
  • Parenchymal tissue.
  • Conductive fabric.
  • Secretory tissue.

What is an Organ?

Organs are the grouping of various tissues forming a unit responsible for fulfilling a specific function in a multicellular organism. They are more complex than tissues but less complex than a system. It is also the differentiated part of a body that participates in the performance of a function. The organs in animals and humans are Heart, brain, lung, eyes, stomach, spleen, tongue, bones, kidney, pancreas, liver, intestines, skin, bladder, and the organs that make up the reproductive system. suggested video: Tissues vs  Organs

Difference between Tissues and Organs

  • Tissues are biological materials with a common embryonic origin made up of a complex group of cells that can be of the same type or different.
  • An organ is a set of tissues organized to fulfill a function. It is less complex than a system but more complex than tissues.

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