7 Ways an Immigration Visa Attorney Can Help You Legally Obtain a Visa

How an Immigration Visa Attorney Can Help You Obtain a Visa

1) Assessing your case

When you are applying for an Immigration Visa, it is important to get the right advice and assistance from a qualified Immigration Visa Attorney. A good Immigration Visa Attorney will take the time to thoroughly assess your situation, looking at your individual circumstances and providing you with the best course of action for achieving a successful visa application. They will be able to identify any potential risks or issues that may arise during the application process, as well as provide you with any applicable exemptions.

Your attorney will help you understand all the requirements necessary for obtaining a visa, such as background checks, evidence of financial resources, legal documents, and more. A qualified Immigration Visa Attorney will also make sure that your application is properly prepared and filed correctly so that it can be reviewed quickly and accurately.

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2) Gather evidence

When applying for an immigration visa, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a large amount of evidence in order to make an informed decision on whether to approve or deny your application. An immigration visa attorney can help you compile all of the necessary documents needed to prove that you are eligible for a visa.


These documents can include proof of financial support, employment or education history, family relationships, and other forms of evidence. Your attorney will review all of the documents and determine which ones are the most important for your particular case. This is an important step as it can help you avoid having your visa denied due to insufficient evidence.

Additionally, an experienced immigration attorney can help you understand what type of evidence is typically accepted by USCIS and what is not.

3) Prepare and submit forms

One of the most important steps in the immigration process is preparing and submitting forms. An experienced immigration attorney can help guide you through the necessary paperwork, ensuring that all required documents are properly completed and submitted.

This includes completing and submitting the necessary application forms, such as Form I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative), Form I-140 (Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker), Form I-485 (Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status), and Form N-400 (Application for Naturalization).

An immigration attorney can also provide guidance on the specific forms needed for a particular visa category, as well as any supplemental forms required. Additionally, an immigration attorney can review your form submissions to ensure accuracy and completeness, helping to avoid costly mistakes that can delay the immigration process.

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4) Schedule and attend interviews

One of the most important steps in obtaining an immigration visa is attending and completing the interviews that are required by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

An experienced immigration visa lawyer can help you prepare for these interviews and can attend them with you to represent you. They will ensure that all the relevant documents are provided and that all questions are answered accurately and truthfully.

Your lawyer can also work with the USCIS officers to try to expedite the process, as long as all requirements have been met. They will also be familiar with the interview process and can help alleviate some of the stress associated with it. In addition, an immigration visa lawyer can also be a great source of moral support, which can make the process of attending an interview much easier.

5) Respond to requests for additional information

In the process of obtaining an immigration visa, the USCIS may request additional information from you. This is a standard part of the visa application process, and it is important that you respond promptly to these requests.

An attorney can help ensure that your application is complete and that all requested information is provided in a timely manner. The attorney can help you determine what documents are necessary for your specific situation, as well as provide advice about how best to respond to requests for additional information.

Furthermore, if you receive a Request for Evidence (RFE), an attorney can assist you in responding to the RFE quickly and correctly. By working with an experienced attorney, you can be sure that all necessary information is provided in order to obtain your visa.

6) Stay up-to-date on changing immigration law

Navigating the U.S. immigration system can be a daunting task, and changes to immigration law happen constantly. An Immigration Visa Attorney will stay up-to-date on all changes to immigration law so that they can properly assess your case and ensure that you’re following the most current regulations.

This is especially important as Immigration Visas are only granted based on specific criteria and requirements, so it’s essential that you are aware of any recent changes to the laws that could affect your eligibility. Your attorney will be able to review the latest information with you and determine if there’s anything that needs to be addressed or taken into consideration for your case.

Furthermore, your attorney will also be familiar with any regulations or restrictions related to immigration in the country where you are applying for a visa from. This helps to ensure that your application meets all requirements and that you are aware of any additional documents or information you may need to provide.

In addition, it is also essential that you understand the timeline of the visa process so that you can plan accordingly. Your attorney will be able to explain the steps required and how long they typically take, so you can make informed decisions throughout the process.

Overall, a Visa Attorney can help ensure that your application meets all the necessary requirements and can help stay up-to-date on changing immigration law. By being informed of all relevant changes to immigration law, your attorney can provide you with the best advice possible and ensure that your visa application is successful.

7) Prepare you for your interview

One of the key roles of an Immigration Visa Attorney is to help you prepare for your visa interview. It is crucial that you go into your interview feeling confident and comfortable with the information you are presenting to the interviewer.

Your attorney can review your application in detail, looking for any potential discrepancies or issues that could arise during the interview. Your attorney can also discuss any difficult questions that may come up, so that you are prepared to respond in a calm and confident manner.

Additionally, they will explain the legal process to you, ensuring you understand all the documents that must be signed and any required legal steps. Finally, they can offer you moral support and provide encouragement as you work through the process.


When it comes to legally obtaining an immigration visa, having the help of an experienced immigration attorney can make a huge difference. An immigration attorney will assess your case, gather evidence, prepare and submit forms, schedule and attend interviews, respond to requests for additional information, stay up-to-date on changing immigration law, and prepare you for your interview.

If you’re looking for a qualified and experienced immigration visa attorney to assist you, Nelson Immigration Law is here to help. We specialize in all areas of legal immigration and our team of highly trained professionals will provide you with the best advice and assistance possible. If you need help with your visa application process, call us today at 626-683-3451.


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