Find angle between two vectors

The angle between two vectors is referred to Angle between two vectorsas a single point, known as the shortest angle by which we have to move around one of the two given vectors towards the position of co-directional with another vector. It is found by using the definition of the dot product of two vectors.

How to find Angle b/w two vectors?

We can find the angle between vectors by the following steps.

  • Identify vectors
  • Write the formula of Cosine
  • Find the dot products of given vectors
  • Find the magnitude of given vectors individually
  • Put the values of magnitude and dot product in the formula of Cosine

Angle between two vectors formula

Angle between two vectors formula
we solve some examples to find the angle b/w 2  vectors.

Find the angle between the vectors a= 2 ij + k  and b= –i + j
a . b = ( 2i -j + k) . (-i + j + 0 k)
= (2)(-1) + (-1)(1) + (1)(0)
= -3
angle between vectors example





θ = 5 π/6
Let’s see video now:

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