Celsius to kelvin conversion formula with examples

Need help converting temperatures between Celsius and Kelvin? Look no further! Get accurate results quickly and easily with this easytouse Celsius to Kelvin conversion calculator. No more memorizing formulasjust enter the temperature you want to convert and get your answer!

How to convert degrees Celsius to kelvin

The temperature on the kelvin scale can be converted by adding 273 in the temperature Which is in degrees centigrade C on the Celsius scale. Its formula is given as:

         T (k) = 273 + C

0 ºC to kelvin

C = 0 ºC
As   T = 273 + C
T = 273 + 0
=273 k

1ºC to kelvin

T = 1 ºC
As T = 273 + C
= 273 + 1
=274 K

25 ºC to kelvin

T = 25 ºC
As  T = 273 + C
=273 + 25
=298 k

Convert 20 ºC to kelvin scale

C =20 ºC
As T = 273 + C
=273 + 20
=293 K
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