Kelvin To Celsius Conversion

In this post, you’ll learn to convert the temperature scale from Kelvin to celsius conversion by using Kelvin to Degree Celcius formula.kelvin to Celsius conversion formula
If You want to learn it with examples, then you are in the right place here.
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Before going to learn about the conversion of these two scales, we should know basic information about these two temperature scales: the Kelvin scale and Degree Celsius Scale.

What is the Celsius Temperature Scale?

Water is the most important element for life on earth. The Celsius scale has a zero point at the temperature that the water freezes and 100 at the temperature that the water boils. The measurements are then made in degrees Celsius (° C).

What is the Kelvin Temperature  Scale?

William Tomson (known as Lord Kelvin) studying the behavior of gases, discovered the lowest temperature a body could reach, which would be equivalent to -273 ° C. From there it determined the zero point of its scale. It thus created what we call the absolute scale, as it uses a universal phenomenon as a reference. In it the water freezes at 273 Kelvin (K) and boils at 373 K – note that we do not use degrees, as this is the absolute scale and not a comparison between phenomena like other scales.
KelvinThe temperature can be converted into Celsius by subtracting 273 from the temperature on the Kelvin scale.

Kelvin to Celsius formula

 C = T (k) – 273

Kelvin to ºC example problems

Convert 300 kelvin to ºC


T = 300 k

Formula:       C = T (k) – 273

C = (300 -273) ºC

=27 ºC

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273 kelvin to  Degree celsius


T = 273

Formula:            C = T (k) – 273

                                 =(273 -273)ºC

                                 = 0 ºC

Convert 615 k to celsius degrees


T = 615 K


C = T (k) – 273

C =( 615 – 273) ºC

    =342 ºC

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