Difference between a Cyst and tumor in tabular form

Difference between cyst and tumor

The Difference between Cyst and Tumor is given here. Cysts and tumors are easy to confuse, yet they are different. These are structures that develop abnormally in the body. keep reading…

What is Cyst?

A cyst is nothing more than a bag closed by its own membrane that develops in animal cavities or structures of the body. They occur as a result of an error during embryonic development during pregnancy, they also appear spontaneously without apparent cause. They can be dangerous, they have negative effects on nearby tissues.

They may contain air, fluids, or semi-solid materials. The sacs that enclose organisms during dormancy periods occur with some parasites and viruses in order to protect themselves from the stomach or environmental acids are also known as cysts. For example, cystic fibrosis is a genetic disease in which cysts develop in the lung tissue, and these release mucus in the lungs reducing lung capacity. Cysts can form within any tissue of the body, they are very common on the skin, acne is a type of cyst.

What is Tumor?

A tumor is any alteration of the tissues that produce an increase in volume. It is usually an abnormal enlargement of a part of the body that will appear swollen or distended. A tumor is considered to be any mass or lump caused by the increase in the number of cells that compose it. Depending on its origin it can be polyclonal (if it has its origin in different cells) and it is known as hyperplasia, if it has its origin in a single cell it is monoclonal and it is known as neoplasia. A tumor can be benign or malignant depending on its ability to infiltrate or not those issues that surround it.

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 Cyst vsTumor

Difference between Cyst and Tumor in points

  • A cyst is a membrane that develops in the tissues of the body. It can be filled with air, liquids, or solid materials.
  • A tumor is an inflammation or alteration of the tissues caused by an increase in the cells that compose it.

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