Difference between Genotype and Phenotype

Difference between Genotype and PhenotypeThe genotype is the genetic information that an organism has in the form of DNA, it presents variations and polymorphisms in its genes, while the phenotype is the expression of the genotype based on the environment, it is made up of physical and behavioral traits. It was the Dutch botanist Wilhelm Johannsen who established the difference between genotype and phenotype by coining the term gene.


The genotype is the genetic information of a particular organism represented in the form of DNA. It can present variations or polymorphism in its genes. It is used to determine the variations that exist in an individual. The genotype acts, together with the phenotype, on DNA. The genotype is the set of genes of an organism. All the information that is contained in the chromosomes is known as genotype, however, this may or may not manifest itself in the individual.


The expression of the genotype based on the environment is known as the phenotype. Phenotypic traits are presented as physical and behavioral traits, it cannot be defined only as of the visible manifestation of the genotype, because some characteristics that are studied are not directly visible in the individual, but inside, such as the presence of enzymes. So the phenotype is any observable characteristic or risk in an organism such as its biochemical properties, physiology, behavior, morphology, and development. The phenotype is determined by the genotype. Some phenotypes can be determined by various genes and influenced by the environment.

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Difference between Genotype and Phenotype in points

  • The genotype is the exact representation of the genetic makeup of an organism. It is an important factor in the development of the phenotype, but it does not intervene alone, since the phenotype can also be influenced by the environment.
  • The phenotype is the expression of the genotype depending on the environment, it is represented by physical and behavioral traits. They are the physical, morphological, biochemical, and physiological characteristics of an individual.

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