Difference between Sperm and Ovum in Tabular form

The Basic Difference between Sperm and OVA ( OVUME) is that sperm isDifference between sperm and ovum the male gamete produced in the testis while Ovum is the female gamete also Known as OVA are produced in the ovaries. Sperm store little food while ovum store a lot of food. Sperms are locomotive while Ovum is stationary.

Difference between Sperm and ovum or OVA



1. Testes produce the male gametes called sperms. 1. Ovaries produce female gametes called OVA (singular ovum).
2. It is a long motile cell with flagellum consisting of the head, middle piece, and tail. 2. It is the spherical large and non-motile cell.
3. It has a negligible amount of cytoplasm. 3. It has a large amount of cytoplasm.
4. Sperms are produced in large numbers 4. Ova are produced singly in females.
5. Sperm is the male reproductive cell or male gamete. 5. Ovum is the female reproductive cell or female gamete. An ovum is also called an eg.


  1. Sperm cells are long with tail and Head while ovum is spherical in shape.
  2. Sperms are smaller in size while ovum is bigger in size.
  3.  Sperm are locomotive or mobile while ovum is stationary.
  4. Sperm store little food while ovum or egg store more food.
  5. Sperms are produced in the testis while ovum or eggs are produced in ovaries.
  6. Sperm cells are produced in large numbers while ovum produced singly in humans.
  7. Sperm have acrosome while ovum doesn’t have acrosome.

Sperm Vs ovum (video)

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