Difference between Diesel Engine and Petrol Engine in Tabular Form

Difference between diesel engine and petrol engineThe basic difference between diesel engine and petrol engine is that Diesel engine draws air during suction stroke, low-speed engine and costly than a petrol engine, while petrol engine draws a mixture of petrol and air and are high-speed engines.

Diesel Engine propertiesdiesel engine

  • Diesel engine only draws air during suction stroke.
  • The fuel is injected in the form of fine spray.
  • Combustion of fuel takes place at constant pressure.
  • The diesel engine is heavier and costlier.
  • Starting of the diesel engine is difficult due to the high compression ratio.
  • The maintenance cost of it is large.
  • They are low-speed engines.
  • They are generally employed in heavy-duty vehicles.

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Petrol engines properties

petrol engine

  • They are high-speed engines than diesel engines.
  • They draw a mixture of petrol and air.
  • The charge is ignited with plug.
  • Starting of a petrol engine is easier than the diesel engine.
  • They have a low compression ratio.
  • In petrol engines combustion of fuel take place at constant volume.
  • They are generally employed in light-duty vehicles.
  • Running cost is high.

Difference between petrol and diesel engine (video)

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