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Discuss analogies and the differences between Coulomb’s law and the Biot- Savart’s law?

Difference between coulomb's law and biot savart law
Coulomb’s law Vs Biot savart law

The difference between Coulomb’s law and Biot Savart law is provided here. If you want to learn Brief differences between coulomb’s law and Biot Savart law then you are at the right place.
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  1. Both the electric and magnetic field depends inversely on the square of the distance between the source and field point.
  2. Both electric field and magnetic field are proportional to the source strength namely charge and current element respectively.
  3. Both obey the superposition principle.


  1. According to Coulomb’s law, the electrostatic force between two point charges is directly proportional to the product of their magnitudes and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers.
  2. The charge element dq producing electric field is a scalar whereas the current element Idl is a vector quantity having direction same as that of the flow of current.
  3. E is acting along the displacement vector whereas B acts perpendicular to l × r.
  4. E is not dependent on θ whereas B depends upon θ.

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