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Difference between gravitational force and electrostatic force in tabular form

The basic difference between gravitational and electrostatic force is that: Gravitational force is the force by which the earth attracts other objects by mass. It is a conservative force. While electrostatic force is the force of an object due to charge. It is also a conservative force. These two forces belong to the four fundamental forces of nature.
We see the difference between gravitational force and electric force in tabular form.

Gravitational force Vs Electric force

 Gravitational force  Electrostatic force
It is a force of an object due to its mass. It is a force of an object due to charge.
It is the very strong force as compared to the electric force. It is very weak force as compared to Electric force.
It is only attractive. It is attractive as well as repulsive.
 It does not depend on the medium. It depends on the medium.
 Its constant is “G”.   Its constant is “K”.
It originates from the mass. It originates from the charge.
Its formula is:
Gravitational Force
   Its formula is:
Electrostatic Force

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  1. It is wrong about electrostatic force.
    The correction is that :-
    1. It had not have any constant.
    2. It for formula is
    F= 1/4πε * |q1q2|/r²

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