Difference between Light Reaction and Dark Reaction

Difference between Light Reaction and Dark ReactionThe Basic Difference between Light Reaction and Dark reaction is that Light reaction is the photochemical reaction while the dark reaction is the thermochemical reaction. More Differences between light and Dark reactions are given below in the comparison table.

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Difference between Light Reaction and Dark Reaction in Tabular form


Light Reaction


Dark Reaction


It can take place only in the light.


It can take place in the light or in the dark.

It is a photochemical change.


It is a thermochemical change.
No Enzymes take part in it. It is controlled by intracellular enzymes.


Photolysis takes place to split up water into hydrogen atoms and oxygen molecules. Reduction takes place. The hydrogen atoms are added to carbon dioxide.
Only the energy-rich organic compound ATP is formed.o The first triphosphate is formed which is readily changed by enzymes into glucose.
Three important events of light reactions are:

1.       Photolysis of water

2.       Reduction of NADP To NADPH.

3.       Synthesis of ATP by Phosphorylation.

Three distinct events are:

1.       Carboxylation or Carbon fixation.

2.       Reduction or synthesis of PGAL.

3.       Regeneration of Carbohydrates.

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