States of Matter and their properties for kids

States of matterThe matter is everything that occupies space and has a size and mass that can be measured. Solids, liquids, gas, and Plasma are the 4 natural states of matter.
This post includes:

  • Definition of matter
  • States of matter
  • Properties of matter

Matter definition

The matter is everything that is made up of subatomic particles and occupies space, even if it is extremely tiny: an electron, a proton, a neutron, and everything that can be built from this is matter. For example, a table is made up of molecules that make up wood, iron nails, and other elements, which are matter.

What are the Three States of matter?

As for the states of matter and their properties, they are as follows:

  • Solids
  • Liquids
  • Gas
  • Plasma

Properties of matter

The properties of matter are used in order to distinguish between materials, for example, people can be distinguished through their faces, voices, DNA, and many other things, and similarly, materials can be distinguished through the properties they possess, and there are two main types of properties that are associated with matter and they are properties Physical and chemical properties.
Physical Properties relate to color, smell, density, boiling point, melting point, freezing point, and viscosity of the material.
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Properties of Solids

  • be of a fixed shape.
  • be of constant size.
  • Not be compressible.
  • It has low kinetic energy.

Properties of liquids

  • constant random motion.
  • The substance is formed according to the container in which it is placed, so it takes its shape.
  • be of constant size.
  • be tough in terms of compressibility.

Properties of Gas

  • movement and they move in all directions and in straight paths.
  • It is shaped according to the container in which it is placed.
  • The size of them depends on the size of the container in which they are placed.
  • It has great compressibility.
  • It has a characteristic that differs from others, which is diffusion.
  • It has a very large kinetic energy.

Properties of Plasma

Plasma is not considered one of the states of matter for many materials on the Earth’s surface, but it may be one of the most prevalent states of matter in the universe.

  • Plasma consists of highly charged particles and has a very high kinetic energy.
  • The noble gases, such as helium and argon, are usually used to make luminous signals by using electricity to ionize them into a plasma state.
  • Stars are extremely hot plasma spheres.

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