Difference between Nutrient and Food

Difference between Nutrient and Food
Food and Nutrient


The Difference between Nutrient and Food is given here. It is very common for nutrients and foods to be confused. However, they are different, nutrients are found in food, but not all foods are nutritious or contain nutrients.
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Also known as nutrients, they are chemical products that come from outside the cells and are necessary to perform vital functions. Nutrients are taken up by taken by the cell and transformed into cellular constituents through metabolic processes known as anabolism. Nutrients are found in food and these are responsible for transporting nutrients to the body.

They are substances that actively participate in the metabolic reactions necessary for the body. According to ecology, a basic nutrient is oxygen, water, and minerals that are necessary for the lives of plants, in this way, they are incorporated into living matter and become part of the food chain. In the laments the following nutrients can be found:

  • Vitamins
  • Mineral salts
  • Protein
  • Lipids
  • Carbohydrates

Fibers are not considered nutrients because they do not actively participate in the cellular metabolism necessary for life.
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Foods are substances ingested by living beings for nutritional, psychological, and social purposes.

  • Nutritional: Provides energy and nutrients necessary for anabolism and maintenance of life.
  • Social: Facilitates communication, the establishment of affective ties, and the transmission of culture.
  • Psychological: Improves mental and emotional health by providing satisfaction.

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Difference between Nutrient and Food

  • Food is a substance ingested by a living being for nutritional and psychological purposes. A substance that does not alter the body or provide nutrients can be considered food.
  • Nutrients are all those substances used by the body to perform its vital functions. Nutrients are contained in food, but can also be supplied by other routes if necessary (clinical nutrition).

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