Difference between Recycle and reuse

Difference between recycle and reuse

The Differences between Recycle and Reuse is given here. The terms recycle and reuse are often confused, however, they are different and identify two of the actions (Represented as the 3Rs) that must be performed with waste materials to reduce pollution. To know the differences it is necessary to know the concepts.
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Recycling is a process whose purpose is to convert waste into new products or raw material for later use. Thanks to this process, the loss of potentially useful material is prevented, the consumption of raw material is reduced, the energy expenditure associated with obtaining it, and the pollution of air and water near landfills is reduced. It also allows for reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of raw materials. Recyclable materials are many, including paper, cardboard, metal, plastics, fabrics, woods, and electronic components. Recycling follows a series of processes such as: Recovery or collection: Made by public or private companies. It consists of the collection and transport of waste. Transfer plants: This is an optional process in which all similar components are put together to carry out greater transport at a lower cost. Classification plants: In them, the waste is classified according to its value. Final recycler: In these plants, the waste is recycled, stored, or used to produce energy.


Reuse is the action or process that allows the reuse of discarded goods, products, or objects to give them the same or different use for which they were created. By reusing more objects less garbage is produced and fewer resources must be consumed. suggested video:

 Recycling vs Reuse

Differences between Recycling and Reuse

  • Recycling consists of a series of processes and steps that make it possible to take recyclable material and convert it back into raw material or into products for energy use, thus reducing all waste material destined for landfills.
  • Reusing consists of taking an object and using it again for its intended purpose or another through a recovery process.

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