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AC Generator Vs DC Generator

Difference between ac generator and dc generator
AC Generator Vs DC Generator

The Difference between AC generators and DC generators is a frequently discussed topic in Physics. This post includes the main differences between AC and DC generators in tabular form. I hope these AC and DC generator differences will help the students.

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Before going to learn Comparison, we learn in detail about AC Generators and DC generators.

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What is AC Generator?

AC Generator ( Alternating current Generator) is an electrical device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. It works on the principle of Electromagnetic induction.

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What is DC Generator?

DC Generator is a mechanical device that converts mechanical energy into DC electric power. in this type of Generator, the coil rotates in a fixed field.
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Difference between AC Generator and DC Generator in tabular form


AC Generator DC Generator
1: AC Generator ( Alternating current generator) is a device that converts M.E into AC electric power. 1: DC Generator (Direct current Generator) is a device that converts M.E into DC electric power.
2: IN AC Generator current changes its direction. 2: In DC generator current flows in one direction.
3: In AC generator coil is fixed, while magnets move. 3: In DC Generator coil rotates in a fixed field.
4: It does not have a commutator. 4: It has a commutator.
5: It has slip rings. 5: It has no slip rings.
6: These are highly efficient than DC Generators. 6: These are less efficient than AC generators.
7: AC generators produce a high voltage. 7: DC Generators produce low voltage.
8: They are highly reliable than DC Generators. 8: They are less reliable than AC Generators.
9: High initial cost. 9: Less initial cost.
10: Its output distribution is easy. 10: Is output distribution is difficult.

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