Difference between fetus and embryo

Difference between Fetus and Embryo

Differences between fetus and embryo are given here. When a human being is engendered, it goes through several stages of development prior to its birth, forming the heart, the evolution of the embryo, the fetus, until the total construction of the physical and mental state of the baby. This happens for the proper development of each of its external and internal parts. keep reading…


It is the initial stage of a living being. It is constituted in the form of an “egg” within the uterus of the female, both in humans and in the animal kingdom. Its gestation is established until the eighth week. During the start and development of the embryo, physical or sensory extremities are not yet produced. It is in the tenth week when it is called a fetus, and that is when the heart is constituted.


The fetus is a developed embryo. It can be referred to as human species as to an animal species. Among its parts are the heart and the slow formation of the physical limbs that the baby will have. This stage of reproduction of the embryo is extremely careful since the heart and the physical limbs of the being have begun to form, so its protection through the womb will determine health and resistance until the moment of delivery.
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Difference between fetus and embryo in points

  • The fetus is a developed embryo that has already passed the first eight weeks of gestation in the human or animal uterus.
  • The embryo is the initial stage of the life of a human or animal. It starts from the first day of pregnancy until the eighth week.
  • In the fetus stage, the heart is created and strengthened, as well as the physical limbs.
  • The embryo, even in the eighth week, does not have physical or organic parts.
  • The embryo is the beginning of life in the womb. While the fetal time counts from the tenth week to the moment of delivery.

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