Difference between Pressure and Stress

Difference between pressure and stress
Pressure Vs Stress
The difference between stress and pressure is provided here. The basic difference between pressure and stress is that pressure acts normal to the surface while stress acts normal and parallel to the surface. Before going to the comparison table we learn pressure and stress in detail.
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What is Pressure?

Pressure is the force acting normally per unit area. It is a scalar quantity. SI unit of pressure is the pascal.

What is stress?

Stress is defined as the Deforming force per unit area. Stress is tensor quantity.

Difference between Pressure and Stress in tabular form



Pressure is the amount of force applied per unit area. Stress is the internal resistive force to the deformation per unit area.
Due to pressure stress will be developed. Due to stress pressure will not be developed.
Pressure is always a positive force. Stress is a positive as well as a negative force.
Pressure is exerted externally. Stress is developed internally.
Pressure is always compressive. Stress is compressive, shear, and tensile.

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Difference between Stress and pressure in Points

  • Pressure can be measured by using a measuring device like a pressure gauge, while stress can’t be measured by any device.
  • The magnitude of pressure at a point in all directions remains the same, while the magnitude of stress at any point in all directions is unequal.
  • Pressure is a scalar quantity, while stress is a tensor quantity.

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