Difference between Prism and pyramid in tabular form

Difference between prism and pyramid
Prism Vs Pyramid

The Difference between Prism and Pyramid is given here. In geometric terms, a prism and a pyramid are different structures. Prism has two congruent bases, while a pyramid has one base.
Using the terms synonymously is rare, but it is important to know the prism and pyramid definitions.
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What is Prism?

A prism is a polyhedron with a polygonal base with n quantities of sides, a translation copy (it is not in the same plane as the first one) and other n parallelogram faces that join both sides of the corresponding ones of both bases. The parallel cross-sections of a prism can be split into two forming a triangle and a square on the faces of the base. A prism is a subclass of prismatoids.

A prism gets its name from the shape of its base, for example, a prism with a pentagonal base is called a pentagonal prime. A prism with edges and junctions parallel to each other and faces perpendicular to the face of the base is called a right prism. An oblique prism is one where the faces are not perpendicular to the face of the base. As a prism increases its number of faces n and this number approaches infinity, then the prism becomes a cylinder.

Prism Shapes

Prism Shapes
Prism Shapes

What is Pyramid?

Pyramids are polyhedra, they are made up of a polygon or base and a number of triangles on each side of the polygonal base. All the triangles converge at a point called the vertex of the pyramid. The triangles of a pyramid are called lateral faces and the common side between them is called the edge. A pyramid is made up of a base, vertex, edge, and height. There are several types of pyramids such as the oblique pyramid and the square pyramid.

 Main differences between Prism and Pyramid



A prism is a 3-D polyhedron shape having 2 bases. A pyramid is a 3-D polyhedron shape having a single base.
Its sides are rectangular in shape. Its sides are triangular in shape.
It does not have an apex. It has an apex.
The sides of the prism are perpendicular to the base. The sides of the pyramid are inclined at an angle to the base.
Its sides are not always joined at a point. Its sides are joined together at a point.
It has 2 bases. It has 1 base only.
It deals with optical and Geometrical fields. It deals with Geometrical fields only.

Similarities between Prism and pyramid

  • Both prism and pyramid have 3-dimensional shapes.
  • All the sides of the prism and pyramid meet at the bases.
  • Both pyramids and prisms do have not round sides.
  • Both are solid Geometrical shapes.
  • Both have flat bases.

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Difference between Prism and Pyramid in points

  • A prism is a polyhedron with a polygonal base and n number of sides.
  • A pyramid is a polyhedron with a base made up of a polygon and sides made up of the number of triangles depending on the number of sides of the polygon.

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