How many Types of Triangle?

Types of Triangle and their Properties are Explained well here.

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What is triangle?

A triangle is a three-sided geometric figure with three vertices. It is the simplest of all polygons and the only one without a diagonal. Its vertices are commonly denoted by the letters A, B, and C in capital letters.

Triangles are distinguished by their three non-aligned points, which when combined with a fourth non-aligned coplanar point, form a quadrilateral that may be divided into triangles.

Properties of Triangle

  • All of its inner angles add up to 180 degrees.
  • Because the average base is the segment that links two midpoints of two sides, the value of the average base of this figure will always be the same as half of the parallel side.
  • A greater side will always oppose a larger angle in every triangle.
  • When a triangle’s image is validated using translation, rotation, point symmetry, and axial symmetry, it will always be consistent with the one proposed.
  • Equiangular triangles are those in which each internal angle measures 60 degrees and they are all equal.
  • If two of a triangle’s sides have the same length, then both of its opposite angles will have the same length.
  • The sum of two of an angle’s internal angles that are not adjacent will always equal the value of the angle’s exterior.
  • One of the triangle’s sides will always be smaller than the sum of the other two, but it will always be greater than the difference between them.
  • Because their angles never surpass 180 degrees, they always look like convex polygons.
  • It will always have a perimeter equal to the sum of its sides.
  • 360 degrees is the result of adding all of its outside angles.
  • The sine theorem is always proved in this, which means that the sides of a triangle become proportional to the sines of the angles that oppose them, regardless of the form of the triangle.

7 Types of Triangle

On the Basis of Sides and Angles Triangle types are given:

Equilateral Triangle

It’s a polygon with three sides that are all the same length.

Isosceles Triangle

It has two equal-length sides. Angles on either side of these sides have precise measurements. An isosceles triangle has two comparable angles, according to Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus, hence there is a relationship between angles and lengths to similar angles and sides.

When a triangle has two sides that have the same length, it is said to be isosceles. This isn’t to say that the three sides aren’t identical in the sense that an equilateral triangle is isosceles but fails to meet the reciprocity condition.

Scalene triangle

A triangle is scalene when each of its sides has different lengths. This means that no two angles have the same measure.

Right Angled Triangle

From the inside, it has a 90-degree right angle. Legs refer to the two sides that make up a right angle, whereas the hypotenuse refers to the third side.

 Oblique Triangle

They aren’t exactly perfect angles because their internal angles are 90 degrees. Every triangle is oblique or right because acute and obtuse triangles are both oblique.

Obtuse Angled Triangle

When one of its inner angles is obtuse (more than 90 degrees), and the other two angles are acute (smaller than 90 degrees).

Acute Angled Triangle

When the interior triangles are less than 90 degrees on the inside.

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