Types of Polygon with Examples

Types of Polygon

Polygons come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can be classed using four basic criteria.

1: Polygons arranged in order of their sides

Polygons are categorized by the number of sides they have:

  • Triangle is a three-sided polygon.
  • A quadrilateral is a four-sided polygon.
  • Pentagon is a five-sided polygon.
  • The hexagon is a six-sided polygon.
  • Heptagon is a seven-sided polygon.
  • The octagon is an eight-sided polygon.
  • Enneagon is a nine-sided polygon.
  • The decagon is a ten-sided polygon.
  • Undecagon is an eleven-sided polygon.
  • Dodecagon is a twelve-sided polygon.
  • Tridecgone is thirteen-sided Polygons.
  • Tetradecagon is a fourteen-sided polygon.
  • Pentadecagon is fifteen sided polygon.
  • Hexadecagon is a sixteen-sided polygon

And so forth…

2: Polygons according to their regularity

We can also classify polygons according to their sides and angles:

  • Equilateral: if all sides are equal
  • Equiangular: if all its angles are equal
  • Regular polygon: if all sides are equal and it is equiangular (all angles equal)
  • Irregular polygon: has both its sides and its angles unequal.

3: Polygons according to their angles

Polygons are classified as convex or concave based on whether their angles are larger than or less than 180o.

  • Convex: All of the inner angles are fewer than 180 degrees, making it convex. It will be convex, according to another technique, if the line segment connecting any two points in the polygon is inside the polygon.
  • Concave: a portion of the internal angle exceeds 180 degrees. Unlike the convex, the concave has a pair of polygon points that are connected by a segment that is outside the polygon.

4: Polygons according to their complexity

  • Simple: no side of the polygon intersects another
  • Complex – at least one pair of sides is cut off

Properties of Polygon

  • 2- Dimensional
  • Straight sides
  • Interior angles are Equal
  • Exterior Angles are Equal
  • Congruent sides

Other Polygon’s Properties

  • In convex polygons their interior angles are acute.
  • The measure of the interior angles of a concave polygon is one or more angles is concave.
  • The sides in an equilateral polygon are always congruent.
  • In equiangular polygons, their interior angles show a congruent measure.
  • Regular polygons are equiangular and equilateral at the same time.
  • The sides of irregular polygons always have different lengths.

Examples of Polygon

Common Polygon Examples are:

  • Triangle
  • Square
  • Rectangle
  • Parallelogram
  • Pentagon
  • Hexagon
  • Heptagon
  • Trapezium
  • Regular Polygon

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