Sound and Oscillation

Properties of Wave motion

Wave motion is a form of disturbance that travels forward due to the repeated periodic motion of particles about their mean of wave motion

Now we will discuss the characteristics of wave motion.

What are the main properties of Wave Motion?

  1. Crests: Crests are the highest points of the transverse wave above the mean position.
  2. Troughs: Troughs are the lowest points on the transverse waves below the mean position.
  3. Amplitude: Amplitude is the maximum displacement on either side of the mean position. its SI Unit is meter (m).
  4. Phase: Two Points are said to be in phase because they are moving in the same direction with the same speed and have the same displacement from the rest position. Any two crests or troughs are in phase.
  5. Wavelength: This is the shortest distance between any two points on a wave that is in phase. its SI Unit is a meter.
  6. Frequency: It is the Number of waves passing per second through a unit area. its SI Unit is Hertz (Hz).
  7. Time Period: The time taken by the vibrating body to complete one vibration is called the time period. It is represented as (T). Its SI Unit is second.
  8. Wave Speed: This is the distance traveled by a wave in one second. The SI Unit of wave speed is a meter per second.
  9. Wave Fronts: A wavefront is an imaginary line on a wave that joins all points which have the same phase of vibration.

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