Difference between Router and Modem

Difference between router and modem

The Difference between Router and Modem is given here. The router and modem are two very different technological equipment that we can all have at home and completely ignore their operation or how to differentiate them.
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What is Router?

Router or router is a device whose purpose is to provide connectivity at the network level or at the level of three. Its function is to send data packets from one network to another or interconnect subnets. Subnets are known as a set of IP computers that communicate if a router intervenes and that have different network prefixes. Its basic operation consists of sending network packets along the appropriate path or route at all times. It stores the received packets and processes the origin and destination information they have, then forwards the packets to the final host, or to another router.

In short, a router is a device that allows the interconnection of computers in a network operating in layer three of level 3. It allows several networks or computers to connect to each other, sharing the Internet, for example.

What is Modem?

The modem is a device whose function is to convert digital signals into analog and vice versa. In this way, it allows communication between computers through the telephone line of the cable modem. Sends a modulating signal using a carrier signal. They have been used since the 1960s for the transmission of intelligible electronic signals over long distances. suggested video:

Router vs Modem

Difference between Router and Modem

  • A router is a piece of equipment that makes it possible to interconnect computers in a network operating in layer three of level 3. This allows several computers to be interconnected sharing data and the Internet.
  • The modem is an acronym made up of two terms: modulation and demodulation. It is a device that converts digital signals into analog and vice versa so that they can be transmitted intelligibly.

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