Difference between Windows and Linux

Difference between windows and linuxThe Difference between Windows and Linux is given here. Windows and Linux are operating systems that are booming today that allow us to take advantage of computing resources. The main difference between the two is their price, one is paid and the other is open source, so you can download it for free and modify it.
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Microsoft Windows is a group of software distributions for PCs, smartphones, servers, and embedded systems that have been developed and sold by the Microsoft company and are available for various architectures such as x86 and ARM.
Technically it is not an operating system, but contains one (MS-DOS or Windows NT) plus a wide variety of software. However, it is common to refer to the set as an operating system rather than a distribution.

The most current feature is Windows 10 for desktop, Windows 10 mobile for mobile, and Windows Server 2016.

GNU / Linux

Linux or GNU / Linux is a free multi-platform, multi-user, and multi-tasking Unix-like operating system. It is the combination of several projects among which GNU and the Linux kernel stand out.

Its development is representative of free software. All its source code can be freely used, modified, and even redistributed under the terms of the GPL (GNU General Public License) and free licenses.

Linux is only the kernel or kernel of the system that has generated some controversy. Also, there are Linux-derived systems that do not have GNU components like Android and GNU distributions without Linux like Debian.
Linux is found in compendia known as distributions to which applications and programs have been added to offer a final product that meets the needs of users.

Some distributions are used for servers and supercomputers.
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Windows vs Linux

Difference between Windows and Linux

  • Windows is a commercial operating system. It is sold and it is bought.
  • Linux is an open-source operating system that you can download and modify for free.
  • Windows has a high-tech graphical interface, but it is not very stable.
  • Linux is more stable.

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