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uses and applications of x rays waves in everyday life

Uses of x Rays
Uses of x Rays

Uses of gamma rays in everyday life

1:Radio Therapy

X-rays kill the diseased tissues of the body. Hence they are used to λ cure intractable skin diseases, malignant tumours etc. If the affected part is superficial soft rays are applied and for deep-seated organs, hard rays are used.


Because of the high penetrating power they are used to investigate the structure of metals, test of castings for flaws and gas pockets causes of weakness in structure and to detect cracks and below holes in metal plates. The method has the advantages that unlike some mechanical tests it does not destroy to piece.


X-rays can pass through flesh and through bones. They are extensively used in surgery to detect fractures, foreign bodies, diseased organs etc. The patient is made to stand between an X-ray source and a fluorescent screen. Thus a deep shadow of the bones and a light shadow of the flesh will be obtained. A photograph may also be obtained, it is called radiography.


X-rays are employed in the industry to detect defects in motor tires, golf and tennis ball, wood and wireless valves, and testing the presence of pearls in oysters.

5:Scientific research

X-rays have been used to investigate the structure of crystals, the structure, and properties of atoms, and the arrangement of atoms and molecules in matter.

6:Detective departments

X-rays are used at customs posts for the detection of contraband goods like explosive opium, etc. Concealed in leather or wooden cases in examining contents of parcels without opening them and in the direction of precious metals like gold and silver in the body of smugglers. They are used in distinguishing real diamonds and parts from artificial ones, pure ghee from vegetable oils.

Video about uses of X-rays:

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