Difference Between Micrometer Screw Gauge and Vernier Caliper

difference between vernier caliper and screw gauge
Vernier caliper vs screw gauge
The basic difference between screw gauge and vernier caliper is that screw gauge is used to measure only external measurement while vernier caliper is used to measure external as well as internal measurement. The least count of vernier caliper is 0.01mm while the least count of screw gauge is 0.001 mm.
Micrometer Screw gauge and vernier caliper both are length measuring devices.

Difference between screw gauge and vernier caliper in tabular form

      Micrometer Screw gauge     Vernier caliper
It has a screw to measure so that it is called a Screw gauge. It is invented by Perri vernier and has calipers to kept so that it is called Vernier caliper.
It has a circular scale.  It has a vernier scale.
It rotates to measure the objects. It slides to measure the length.
It measures the thickness and diameter of a very small object just externally. It measures the thickness, depth, external and internal diameter of the object.
Its usual least count is 0.001 cm. Its usual least count is 0.01 cm.

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  1. Vernier scale mainly measure linear dimensions, In the case of depth measurement vernier caliper will be a great choice , other hand perfect tools for thickness measurement is screw gauge. This two tools are very useful.

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