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Difference between Gas Turbine and Steam Turbine in Tabular Form

Difference between gas turbine and steam turbine
Gas Turbine Vs Steam Turbine

The basic difference between gas turbine and the steam turbine is that the gas turbine is easy to start and control easily while the steam turbine is difficult to start and difficult to control.
The idea of the gas turbine is a very old one, its working principle is an advanced version of a windmill. To achieve efficient working of the turbine, the movement of gas is controlled and directed to the blades. The air which is under pressure is supplied to the turbine by the air compressor.
In a gas turbine initially, the air is obtained from the atmosphere and compressed in the air compressor. The air which is compressed passed into the combustion chamber. Hot air is made to flow over moving blades, which causes rotational motion to the runner. In this process, the air expands and is finally exhausted into the atmosphere.
The major part of the power developed by the turbine is consumed to derive the compressor. The remaining power is used to do external work.
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 Gas turbine vs steam turbine

                                Gas turbine                         Steam turbine
1:Its important components are compressor and combustion chamber.   1:Its important components are accessories and steam boiler.
2:Mass of gas turbine per kW is less developed. 2:Mass of steam turbine per kW is more developed.
3:For installation it takes less space. 3:For installation it takes more space.
4:Its cost of installation is less. 4:Its cost of installation is more.
5:It is easy to start gas turbine. 5:It is difficult to start a steam turbine.
6:It is easy to control it. 6:It is difficult to control it.
7:It does not depend on water supply. 7:It depends on water supply.

Gas turbine vs steam turbine (video)

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