Mass of earth and radius in physics

The planet earth has an approximate mass of 6 × 10 24  kg , or what is the same: 6000 trillion tons.
This amount is used in space science (astrophysics and astronomy) as a unit of mass to calculate how heavy other planets are compared to ours.
Earth is the third planet of our solar system. Everyone wants to learn about the earth. For this, I have written a blog post for you in which we will learn about the mass of earth.
If you want to calculate the mass of the earth, then stay with us for a few minutes.
Let’s see:

How to calculate the mass of earth?

Diagram of Mass of the Earth
Mass of The Earth diagram


Consider a body of mass m on the surface of the earth. Let the mass of the earth be  M and radius of the earth be R, The distance of the body from the center of the earth will also be equal to the radius R of the earth. According to the law of gravitation, the gravitational force F of the earth acting on a body is given by:

Derivation of Mass Of The Earth
Mass of the Earth Formula

  =6 × 1024 kg

Mass of earth in kg

Thus the mass of the earth is 6 × 1024 kg. 
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How radius of the earth is calculated?

The radius of the earth can be calculated from the following formula:

Radius of earth in meters

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