Difference between Reptiles and amphibians in tabular form

Difference between Reptiles and Amphibians
Differences between Reptiles and Amphibians
The Differences between Reptiles and Amphibians are given here. In some particular cases, some people may confuse reptiles and amphibians, these animals are slightly related and the latter may be a step back on the evolutionary scale because they depend on two means,  and amphibians are notable.
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What are Reptiles?

Reptiles are a class of amniotic vertebrate animals whose skin is covered by epidermal keratin scales. They dominated the Mesozoic in the form of dinosaurs. Reptiles are creatures of terrestrial life although some live in water. Their skin is rough and tough, with scales.

Their lungs are well developed, they have a double-circuit circulatory system and an excretory system designed to conserve water. They are animals with internal fertilization and shell eggs. Reptiles are ectothermic animals, that is, they control their body temperature through their activities, they take the sun during the day to warm themselves and hide in the shadows to cool off. They are mostly carnivores with short, simple digestive tracts. They have slow digestion and therefore a very slow metabolism.
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What are Amphibians?

Amphibians are anamniotic, tetrapod, ectothermic vertebrates with gill respiration when they are larvae and pulmonary, cutaneous, and buccal when they are adults. They undergo metamorphosis to reach the adult state. Their diet is based on arthropods and invertebrates, their skin is bare and smooth and they secrete poisonous liquids through it that keeps them moist in order to carry out skin respiration, and also, I will defend against their predators.
Amphibians are grouped under the clades Gymnophiona, Caudata, and Anura, depending on their vertebral structure and limbs. Gymnophions are very rare amphibians that do not have legs, have a tail, and have olfactory tentacles. The caudate have equal limbs and a tail. In this group, we find salamanders and newts. Anurans are the toads and frogs, they have unequal limbs, short and stiff backbones, and a pisciform larval stage.
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 Reptiles vs Amphibians

Differences between Reptiles and Amphibians in points

Reptiles have skin protected by scales and it is very rigid, amphibian skin is bare and very delicate. Reptiles present lung respiration, amphibians present gill respiration as larvae, pulmonary, buccal, and cutaneous respiration as adults. Amphibians go through a metamorphosis, reptiles are born as copies of adults. Amphibians have anamniotic eggs, amniotic reptiles.
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