Difference between Root and tuber in tabular form

Difference between Root and Tuber
Differences between Root and Tuber
The Difference between Root and Tuber is given here. A root fixes a plant to the ground and absorbs nutrients, a tuber is only a part of the plant that is responsible for storing nutrients.
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What is Root?

The root is one of the first organs to develop during the germination of a seed. It is an organ of vascular plants that grow towards the interior of the soil as it presents positive geotropism and negative phototropism. Together with the stem, it constitutes the main axis of the plants and there is no clear separation between them. However, the root has a simpler structure, it does not have chlorophyll, knots, buds, and other parts, with a few exceptions.

Its main functions are the absorption of water and mineral salts from the soil, compounds that are part of the raw sap. They also fix the plants to the ground for their resistance. They can be primary, secondary, and adventitious, in some cases, they can be found on the ground or be aerial.
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what is Tuber?

They are modified and thickened underground stems intended for the accumulation of a plant’s reserve nutrients. They have a central bud with a flat or circular shape, they do not have scales or protective layers, nor do they emit suckers. Plants with tubers can reproduce by seed or by planting the same tuber. suggested video:

 Root vs Tuber

Difference between Root and Tuber in points

  • The root is an organ of the plant with two fundamental functions, to absorb water and nutrients for the plant and to serve as support and support to the soil.
  • Tubers are underground stems that store the plant’s reserve nutrients.
  • The roots do not have buds, knots, or chlorophyll.
  • The tubers have a central bud.
  • The root has a protective coating.
  • The tubers lack protective layers.

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