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Difference between Thunder and lightning

Difference between thunder and lightning

The Difference between Thunder and Lightning is given here. Thunder is the sound caused by the shock wave caused by lightning when the air through which it travels is hot. Lightning is the glow caused by electrical discharges produced inside clouds. keep reading…


It is the sound of the shock wave caused when lightning heats up the air through which it moves at high speed, either between clouds or between clouds and the earth’s surface. Due to lightning, the air heats up to more than 28000ºC and increases its volume at high speed, then it mixes with the cold air of the environment, lowering its temperature. This expansion and contraction generate shock waves that cause the sound of thunder.

The shock wave produced by lightning travels faster than sound but only extends for about ten meters. From there, thunder behaves like a common sound and travels at about 340 meters per second. Therefore, to calculate the distance of a lightning bolt, the initial phenomenon is neglected and one kilometer is considered for every three seconds that elapse between the appearance of the lightning and the instant in which the thunder is heard.

Flash of lightning

It is the glow produced in the clouds due to an electrical discharge. It is a meteorological phenomenon that consists of electrical discharges formed in the clouds and that propagates through the air. In clouds, a voltage difference occurs thanks to the different ionization speeds of each of the elements that make up the clouds, the difference in temperature that exists, and the different heights at which the layers that make up the clouds are. The lightning is a light emission that accompanies the lightning.

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Difference between Thunder and Lightning

  • Thunder is the noise caused by the shock wave caused by lightning by violently expanding the air that surrounds the area through which it is traveling.
  • Lightning is the glow produced by lightning and electrical discharges that occur inside clouds

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