Transgenic Foods in Everyday life

Examples of transgenic foods
Examples of transgenic foods

Transgenic foods are those that have in their composition at least one ingredient that comes from an organism to which genetic modifications or techniques were applied, that is, that is not typical of the original species. Common examples of Transgenic foods are meats, wheat, potatoes, and tomatoes.

It is only by optimizing the techniques of genetic manipulation of foods that the use of transgenics can be generalized, and it is currently estimated that around 70% of the foods that are usually consumed contain at least one gene that is not intrinsic to its species.

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Best Examples of Transgenic Foods

  • soy . Modification in the seed, to be more resistant to herbicides.
  • corn . Genes inserted into the plant genome, to make it more resistant to insects.
  • Meats . Increase the size and weight of animals, and accelerate the speed of their growth.
  • wheat . Make it more resistant before droughts.
  • potatoes . Starch enzymes are invalidated.
  • Tomatoes . Enzymes are inhibited to slow down the decomposition time.
  • rice . Introduction of three new genes, to obtain rice with a higher content of vitamin A.
  • Pumpkin . It is modified to protect the plant against viruses.
  • sugar . To make it resistant to herbicides.
  • Banana . To make it more resistant, two species are crossed for its elaboration.
  • Cotton . With serious risks in its consumption in the case of cottonseed oil.
  • alfalfa . GMOs are added to make it resistant to the herbicide Roundup.
  • milk . Cows are given a special hormone to increase their production, which is banned in many countries in Europe and Asia.
  • Oranges . Exposed to a substance (ethylene) that accelerates the degradation of chlorophyll.
  • Aspart me . It is a transgenic compound that is used as a replacement for sugar and is highly toxic.
  • Sunflower . The genes are altered to make it resistant to drought.
  • Plum . GMOs are added to increase their productivity.
  • Radichet . GMOs are added to increase the sweetness in its flavor.
  • Coffee . Modified with the aim of increasing production.
  • grapes . Increase resistance and eliminate seeds inside the fruit.

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