Relation between power force and velocity

In this post, you’ll learn About the Relation between Power, Force, and Velocity.

How is power related to force and velocity?

It is sometimes convenient to express power in terms of constant force (F) acting on an object moving at constant velocity “V”.
For example, when the propeller of the motorboat causes the water to exert a constant force on the boat, it moves with constant velocity v. The power delivered by the motor at any instant is:

Relation between power force and Velocity

Power is the dot product of force and velocity. It is a scalar quantity. The SI unit of power is watt which is defined as “One joule of work done in one second.”
Sometimes in the electrical measurements, the unit is expressed as watt-second. However, the commercial unit of electrical energy is kilowatt-hour. One kilowatt-hour is the work done in one hour by an agency whose power is one kilowatt.
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