What are the best Types of Telescopes?

Types of telescopes
Types of telescopes
Telescopes are the optical instrument that is used to see distant objects such as stars and planets. Optical telescopes, Radio telescopes, X-Ray telescopes, Cosmic rays telescopes, and Gamma rays telescopes are some Common types of telescopes. Some other telescope types, uses, images are given in detail in this Guide.
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What is the telescope?

The telescope is an optical instrument that is used to observe very large or distant objects by using Lenses and, Mirrors. The telescope in which lenses are used is called a refracting telescope while the telescope in which mirrors are used is called a reflecting telescope. Hans Lippershey invented the first telescope in 1608.

List of Types of Telescopes

Since its invention and up to the present, the telescope has evolved to offer sharper images and to be able to see details. Today, there are the following types of telescope:

  • Terrestrial telescopes: as their name implies, they are optical instruments designed for the observation of terrestrial landscapes, as well as fauna and flora. They can be reflectors, refractors, or digital. Some bring a hybrid system, which also allows astronomical observation.


  • Refracting telescopes: This telescope works thanks to a system of lenses inside a long tube. In this telescope, light enters through a convex objective lens producing an image that is then magnified by the eyepiece lens. This system is the oldest.


  • Reflecting telescopes: unlike the previous ones, these telescopes use a concave mirror instead of a convex lens, to collect the light. Their diameter is usually much wider, which is why they are capable of capturing sharper images without the aberrations typical of convex lenses.


  • Catadioptric telescopes: the system of this type of telescope is more complex, since, in addition to the mirror on the objective, they have another secondary mirror and a correction lens. Therefore, these instruments are for more professional use, as they are very powerful. And, by design, they are usually compact and easy to transport.
  • Monocular telescopes: this type of telescope differs from the rest, due to its ultra-compact, spyglass-type design, which can be manipulated with just one hand. They are ideal for outdoor sports activities and allow you to capture images even in the dark.

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