List of Famous Physics Scientists

Famous physics Scientists and their contributions

List of Physics Scientists
List of Physics Scientists
Name of Physicists  Inventions
Isaac Newton Law of Gravitation, Laws of Motion, Reflecting telescope
Galileo Galilei Law of Inertia
Archimedes Principle of Buoyancy, Principle of Lever
S.N.Bose Quantum Statistics
Niels Bohr Quantum model of Hydrogen atom
James Chadwick Neutron
Earnest Rutherford Nuclear model of Atom
Christian Huygens Wave theory of Light
Edvin Hubble Expanding Universe
Abdus Salam Unification of week and e/m interactions
R.A.Milikan Measurement of Electronic Charge
E.O.Lawrence Cyclotron
Wolfgong Pauli Quantum Exclusion principle
Louis de Broglie Wave nature of matter
J.J.Thomson Electron
Hideki Yukawa Theory of Nuclear Forces
James Clerk Maxwell Theory of Electromagnetism, Kinetic Theory  of Gasses
Wilhelm E Weber Developed sensitive magnetometers, worked in electrodynamics and the electrical structure of matter
Joseph Henry Performed extensive fundamental studies of electromagnetic phenomena , devised first practical electric motor
Michael Faraday Discovered Electromagnetic induction and devised first electrical transformer
Count Alessandro Volta Pioneer in study of electricity, invented Battery
Andre Marie Ampere Father of electrodynamics
Hans Christian Oersted Discovered that a current in a wire can produce magnetic effects
Georg Ohm Discovered that current flow is proportional to potential difference and inversely proportional to resistance (Ohms law)
Johan Balmer Developed empirical formula to describe hydrogen spectrum
Gustav Kirchhoff Developed three laws  of spectral analysis and three rules of electric circuit analysis, also contributed to optics
Heinrich Hertz Worked on electromagnetic phenomena; also discovered radio waves and the Photoelectric effect
Nikola Tesla Created alternating current
Lord Rayleigh Discovered argon, explained how light  scattering is responsible for the red color of sunset and blue color of the sky
Antoine Henry Becquerel Discovered natural radioactivity
Sir Joseph John Thomson Demonstrated the existence of the electron
Max Planck Formulated the quantum theory, explain the wavelength distribution of blackbody radiation
Pierre Cuire Studied Radioactivity with wife, Marie Curie; discovered piezoelectricity
Wilhelm Wien Discovered laws governing the radiation of heat
Marie  Curie Discovered radioactivity of thorium; co-discovered radium and polonium
Charles Wilson Invented the cloud chamber
Albert Einstein Explained Brownian motion and photoelectric effect; theory of atomic spectra, Formulated Theories of special and general relativity
Otto Hahn Discovered the fission of heavy nuclei
Clinton Joseph Davison Co discovered electron diffraction
Niels Bohr Contributed to Quantum theory and theory of nuclear reactions and nuclear fission
Arthur Compton Discovered the increase in wavelength of x rays when scattered by an electron
Werner Heisenberg Contributed to the creation of quantum mechanics; introduced the Uncertainty  principle and concept of exchange forces
Wilhelm Rontgen Discovered and studied x rays

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